Association France-Canada d’Études Stratégiques Symposium (Comments Off)

February 26, 2014 • Category: 3. INSTITUTIONS, Events, In English, Lead Story

Register for the France-Canada d’Études Stratégiques Symposium. The topic of discussion will be “New Challenges to Western Security.” For more details download the poster.

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Qui sera premier ministre de l’Ontario? (Comments Off)

Dans moins de trois mois, les Libéraux de l’Ontario se choisiront un nouveau chef, et ce faisant, nommeront le prochain premier ministre de la province. Les responsabilités d’un chef de gouvernement sont vastes et ardues. Elles exigent une rare combinaison de leadership, compétence, empathie et intégrité. Plus que ces qualités personnelles, ce sont pourtant les [...]


Saying no to the conjuror’s trick of tax cuts (Comments Off)

The CCPA Ontario’s Jennifer Story recently interviewed Alex Himelfarb about his new book  Tax is Not a Four Letter Word  published by WLU Press, co-edited with his son, Jordan, Opinion Editor of The Toronto Star. The interview touches on the desire to get Canadians thinking about taxes in a different way. (The interview first appeared on the [...]


The Inequality Trap: A Meaner Canada (Comments Off)

“Inequality is corrosive. It rots societies from within. The impact of material differences takes a while to show up but in due course competition for status and goods increases; people find a  growing  sense of superiority (or inferiority) based on their possessions; prejudice toward those on the lower rungs of the social ladder hardens; crime [...]

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  • Misunderstanding Canadian Multiculturalism
    It is unreasonable to accommodate those who refuse to do so. But it is reasonable to accommodate those who wish to integrate. Quebec’s Values Charter gets this logic wrong Over the past three decades, a small number of Western countries have opened themselves up to very large-scale immigration flows. While the ... […]
  • The Strange Case of Russian Nationalism
    Sochi and then Crimea may have played to the Russian soul, but they masked weaknesses and incoherence in today’s Russian nationalism. The country will – to be sure – accept ethnic diversity, but its people will fight to the death for territory Today’s Russian state – the Russian Federation – is ... […]
  • Reflections on the Aboriginal Question
    The Canadian state’s answer must start with psychological-spiritual resuscitation of the Aboriginal people, but cannot overshoot to the point of emasculating the strategic centre If the Quebec question will remain, for the foreseeable future, central to the constitutional survival of Canada, then the Aboriginal question is by far the most important ... […]

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  • Europe's Racism Problem
    Europeans look at citizenship in terms of race and blood. Having fought each other for so long over so little territory, an “us vs. them” mentality, accompanied by the feeling that their people are superior to others, has been bred into their national sensibilities. The immigrant integration issues plaguing European societies today can be understood in the c […]
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    They say there’s no accounting for taste. I would say that, quite to the contrary, if we’re to feed a growing population without destroying the planet, we’ll need to do a fairly stark accounting. The future of the dinner plate and the future of the Earth are inextricably linked. If we intend to optimize nutrition, maximize production, and minimize environmen […]